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Think Before you Click!

Working in the software compliance industry, I’m always interested in what software publishers put in their end user license agreements and contracts.  In light of the omnipresent hacking activity of late (Target, SnapChat, LinkedIn…the list is endless), the public may feel a bit tentative about what information they knowingly offer up on a daily basis.  It makes me wonder how much scrutiny people give that little box that’s clicked after the long text that appears on the screen when software is installed on their home laptops.  Most people probably don’t read all that text, accepting it as legalese that would be too boring to pay attention to; unimportant. 
What they may not realize is that legalese may contain language that is actually aimed at gaining consent to share the exact information that horrified millions when they discovered their personal information was captured when they thought it was safe.  There are many end user license agreements that clearly state personal information may be collected, shared with 3rd parties (wrong-doers?!), and more, like the below:
…[this software] monitors your internet behavior, including both the normal web browsing you perform, and also the activity you may have through secure sessions, such as when filling a shopping basket or filling out an application that may contain personal, financial, and health information.
You don’t have to accept that!  Be sure to read the license agreement before you quickly check “I accept.”